CHHOTI MAA was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. She is based in Oakland, California.

CHHOTI MAA is a multidisciplinary cultural producer. She has self-released 5 projects in her eleven years as an MC / singer / producer. Her sound work is rooted in Mexican oral tradition, specifically Grandma's storytelling magic. As part of the post-NAFTA diaspora, CHHOTI MAA was formed by her migrant experience. 

CHHOTI MAA has performed, collaborated and taught children, teens and adults in festivals, conferences, house shows, community spaces, museums, theaters, galleries, schools, universities (UC Berkeley, Humboldt State University, Stanford, Princeton, University of Portland, San Francisco State University, VCU and VCUQatar) and in the streets of Puerto Rico, China, Cuba, Spain, Qatar, U.A.E., Ghana, Peru, Mexico, Sweden and the US.

Their music deals with decolonial living, contemporary Indigenous spirituality, queerness, migrant empowerment and the reconstruction of the womyn temple.